Mantas Aushkelis

Dental technician with 10 years of practical experience in digital dentistry

  1. The owner of “Heron LabWorks” a digital laboratory that manufactures products and digital solutions.
  2. For more than 5 years is participating in clinical trials with the leading implant markets.
  3. Participant of the courses Sascha Hein, Jungo Endo, Klauss Mutherties, Oliver Brix, Hiroki Goto, Dmitry Filinov, Michael Bergler, Udo Plaster and many others.
  4. Engaged in consulting private laboratories, clinics and manufacturers of medical equipment

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Maxim Ashortia

Certified Expert at EXOCAD


Vitaliy Naumov

Ортопед с 15-ти летним опытом работы

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